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Entance exam tests for Philological Grammar School

A sample test for Philological Grammar Schools

Testov za prijemni ispit za filološke gimnazije


1.  razumevanje teksta

The bee,like the ant,is a social insect. Bees live in groups in a  hive, and every bee does certain work that helps the other members of the group.

In a beehive there are three kinds od bees :the queen bee,the drones and the

workers.The worker bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar or juice,which is composed of sugar and water.Bees collect this nectar into the honey

sacks of their stored in the hive to be used as food during the winter months.

Some people keep hundreds off hives in order to sell the honey. They are called

Beekeepers. The beekeepers take honey from the hives and pack it in bottles or

jars. Honey  usually appears as a clear golden – coloured liquid, but it depends on the kind of flower from which the bees have taken the nectar.

                Honey is very good for health and a lot of people use it instead of sugar. Since honey is very sweet it is not taken in great quantities. People put it in tea, lemonade, use it to make cakes, but most of all , they take a spoonful in the morning and drink glass of water afterwards. Honey is found in

almost every home especially in the winter mounts because people believe that it

helps them stay healthy.

  1. Bees are called social insects because they ____________________.

A)    live in groups

B)     live near people

C)    work hard


  1. The first step in making honey is done by ____________________.

A)    the queen bee

B)     the drones

C)    worker bees


  1. What do bees do with nectar?

A)    Change it into sugar

B)      Use it to build their hives

C)    Convert it into honey


  1. Honey is usually sold in ________________________.

A)    honey sacks

B)     bottles or jars

C)    beehives


  1. The colour of  honey in its final stage depends on the ___________.

A)    type of flower which the nectar was taken

B)     season in which the nectar is collected

C)    amount of sugar the beekeepers give the bees


  1. Why do many people eat honey in the winter?

A)    Because it is very sweet

B)     Because it tastes better than sugar

C)    Because it is good for them




  1. His father is not ____________ teacher. He works in an office.


A) an                B) the                C) a

      8.  Would you like ___________ cream with your strawberries? Yes, please.


            A) any              B) no                  C) some

      9.  They spent an evening at their ________________.


            A) aunt’s          B) aunt’s              C) aunts

     10. We have our  classes  _______________ Tuesdays.


            A) in                        B) on               C) at

      11.  Tourists come to see _________________ beauties of our countryside.


            A) the                     B) --                C) a

      12. You will be able to do it if you _____________ hard.


             A) will work           B) work             
C) working

       13. Tell _________ something about your last performance!


             A) to me                 B)  you               
C) me

       14.  If you want to be a good pupil, you _____________ to study more.


              A) have                  B) must               C) can

       15.  When I ___________ him last, he was playing in the back yard.


             A) saw                     B) have seen        C) was seeing

      16.  Jim ___________________ for Madrid next months.


             A) will leave            B) had to              C) was leaving

     17.  We ______________ anything from them since last week.


            A) have not heard         
B) heard            C) did not hear

      18.  The birds were high  _______________ the sky.


            A) on                              B) in                C) up

      19.  His parents want to know where _______________ .


           A) Kit were                     B) was Kit         C) Kit was

      20.  Ask them to come ___________. Then we can all go together.


           A) to us                           B) for us             C) us



 21.  Margaret sings beatifully _____________?


        A) does she                      B) doesn’t she           C) is she

  22.  There are millions of people living on this planet of ____________.


        A) our                              
B) our’s                      C) ours

  23.  Can  you  tell me ____________ of these paintings you like best?


       A) what                          B) which                     C) who

  24.______________ coming  to the concert?


         A) Do you                   B) Will you              C)Are you

  25. Please,tell me how much more time __________________ .


            A) is there              B) there is                     C) it is








26. You can __________________  take it _________________ leave it.

27.  I put the cake in the oven and forgot all ___________________ it.

28.  What does it look __________________ ? I don’t know.

29.  We haven’t sean her ____________ 1985.

30.  They decided to build it ________________ because it was seriously damaged.

31.  She always cared _____________________ all the children in the home.

32.  Open the window, please, the room is full _______________ smoke.

33.  If you want ______________ make this place nicer, keep it clean!

34. Why did you take your jacket ________________ , it is too cold in here.

35.  She must take this medicine twice ______________ day for a week.






36. You / read / __________________ a long text now, are you?


37.  Don’t you think that basketball is / popular/ _________________ than football?


38.  When he heard the news , he was / happy/   ___________________boy in the class.


39.  Wait, / not write / ______________ in your notebooks!


40.   I suppose they / spend / ________________ their next summer holidays in Greece.


41.   Whenever she had time she / ring up / ______________ him.


42.  Mrs. Brown _______ always nicely / dress/ ____________ didn’t you think so?


43.  _____________  you ever / seen / ______________ a film with Chaplin?


44.  _____________ it / happen / ______________ in 1941? I don’t know?


45.    He ( can )________________ leave, if he wanted to.


46.    I like this  music (much)__________________ than any other.

47.    This book(write) ___________________ by Ivo Andric, wasn’t it?

48.    Will you find some (information) ___________________ about the new computer?

49.              We don’t know when he (be born) ________________________.



1991. godina

                            TEST RAZUMEVANJA PROČITANOG TEKSTA

    / pročitajte ovaj tekst vrlo pazljivo. Zatim zaokružite tačan odgovor koji se odnosi na

    sadržaj teksta /.

Everyone has heard od the ,,Braille,, system of reading for the blind. Louis Braille lived in a small town in France. His father had a small shop in which he made thinks of leather. One day little Louis was playing in his father’s shop and picked up small tool with a very sharp point. Louis fell  the point of the tool entered his eye, and later he became blind in both eyes.Louis had to walk with  a cane in order to feel where he was going the people of the town felt very sorry for him.A few years later Louis went to special school for the blind in aris where he learned to read; that is he learned to recognize the letters of alphabet by feeling them with his fingers. But these letters very big  and very short article filled several books and each book weighed eight or nine pounds. Later, as a teacher in the same school , Louis wanted very much to find a better system of reading for the blind. Once he said to his father: “ Blind people are the most lonely people in the world. I can tell one bird from another by  its sound. But there are so many things which I cannot hear and cannot feel.Only books can free the blind. But there no books for us to read.”

 1.      What is Louis Braille famous for?He is famous for inventing __________.                
A)    a French system of reading
)     a system of sounds for the blind
C)    a very good secret alphabet
D)    the alphabet for those who can’t see              
2.      How did little Louis became blind?
A)    He played whith a pointed tool in his father’s shop.
B)     He hurt his eyes whith his father’s pointed tool.
C)    He fell in his father’s shop and hurt his eyes.
D)    He entered his father’s shop and fell over a tool.
3.      Why did the people feel sorry for the small boy?  
A)  Because he walked with a special stick.
B)  Because they knew about his accident.

C)  Because his cane wasn’t a very good one .

D)  Because he was a very lonely person.
4.What was the problem with the books for the blind?
A)    They were much too complicated for their readers to understand.
B)     They were too heavy and the letters took too much space .
C)    They were not interesting enough and no-one read them.
D)    They were too small for the blind and had very long arti
5.      Why did Braille say:”Only books can fre the blind.”?
A)    Because books can teach the blind how to set hemselves free.
B)     Because there are many things that they can neither hear nor feel.
C)    Because there are too many blind peoplewho are terribly lonely.
D)    Because books can solve many difficult problems that friends can’t.



1.                  There’s no use calling him. He can’t hear _________.

A) we                B)us                  C) our                    D) our’s


2.                  Why are the Smith’s buying a new house, don’t they have __________?

A) her                   B) old                  C) one                  D) money


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